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Stress-Free Holiday Wrapping
                                 Design Done Differently

Collection I: Our selection of top tier papers; ribbons; and enhancements.

Examples of sizes and prices for Collection I:

Oversized gifts are priced by measurements @ $1.05 per inch, starting at 25 inches.

Large starts at $20.00 (Household accessories, large clothing, etc.)
   Example: 20x20 and smaller
Medium starts at $15.00 (Large book size, shoes, etc.)             Example: 8x14 and smaller
Small starts at $12.00 (Shirts box size and smaller)                 Example: 8x10 and smaller
Extra-small starts at $10.00 (Watches, jewelry, etc.)               Example: Cell Phones and smaller​.
Collection II

Collection II: An exclusive selection of specialty papers/fabrics; ribbons/trims; and enhancements. ​Prices are quoted based on selection.

​​Wrap & Roll - (Personal Mobile Service) 

Tier I -Pick and Roll Service

We pick up your unwrapped gifts and drive them back to you, beautifully wrapped.

Collection I prices plus driving fees listed below.

$20 driving fee each way (within a 20-mile radius of our Chastain location. .50 cent per mile beyond)
$20 per hour wrapping fee (2-hour minimum) ​
​Delivery time determined once you secure an appointment.

Tier II - Mobile Wrapping Services
We set up our mobile wrapping center at your location.
$30 per hour service fee (2-hour minimum)
Individual wrapping prices (see Collection I for prices) ​

Mobile Gift Wrapping (corporate)

We set up our mobile wrapping center at your location (2-hour minimum)
1 gift designer-$100 per hour (unlimited number of gifts)
2 gift designers-$150 per hour (unlimited number of gifts)
3 gift designers-$200 per hour (unlimited number of gifts) ​
On average, designers wrap approximately 10-12 gifts an hour. Wrapping times are extended if items need to be prepared, folded or tags removed. 

Peace & Joy

Fa La La La

'Tis the Season!

Christmas is just around the corner

We'll wrap your Christmas gifts, while you relax and enjoy the season. 

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas